The Avett Brothers, Featuring Dirk Nowitzki on TAMBOURINE

Dirk is a showman, as evidenced here.

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Into the Desert…

This map will be our guide next weekend. If I never post on this blog again, it’s because I didn’t make it out of the Tehachapi hinterlands…

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VIDEO: CBS Confuses LA Kings Mascot with Sac Kings Mascot — Both of Which are Lions

As an L.A. Kings fan who lives on the outskirts of Sacramento, this story amuses me. As you can see in the video, CBS Los Angeles is doing segment about the hockey team, but they show a clip of the Sacramento Kings basketball mascot, Slamson. Below the video is an infographic the L.A. Kings created to clear up the confusion.

The hockey team released this graphic in hopes if differentiating them from the basketball team (which stinks, and could end up playing an hour south of Staples Center in the near future, if the Maloofs have their way). Note: I was a Sacramento Kings fan until I officially disowned the team last week while sipping a Guinness and watching an unmemorable playoff game. I have no desire to root for those owners, even if they stick around. Time to seek out a new team. 

Anyway, the tone of the infographic is borderline insulting, which is surely a direct product of the attention paid to the L.A. Kings Twitter handle ever since they dissed the Canucks after the first game of the playoffs. Here it is.

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I’m too Busy to Blog, but Here’s Metta World Peace Talking Jibberish

“I didn’t realize Oklahoma had so many, like, fine women … I felt really comfortable. I hit my first two shots, it was mainly because of how beautiful the women were.” — Metta World Peace.

He also takes a couple stabs at metaphors that don’t quite add up. The video isn’t on YouTube yet (it probably will be by the time I post this blog), so here it is on USA Today.

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Sarah Phillips: ESPN Columnist / Online Scammer

Read this Deadspin article about the girl below, Sarah Phillips, who was a rising columnist at ESPN. It’s so compelling and trippy: Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People on the Internet?

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How the Bulls Blew It

By Jeff Barker
The Chicago Bulls’ supporting cast played a patient month and a half of basketball, just waiting to bring Derrick Rose back in for the playoffs.

The reigning MVP missed many games down the stretch, but the Bulls battled to hang on to the East’s 1 seed without him, splitting two April games with the Heat.

Questions loomed heading into the inaugural bout of the 2012 playoffs: could D-Rose overcome back, foot, and groin injuries from the regular season? Could he step right back in and elevate the team from the regular season’s best to NBA champs?

Now all those questions are moot, thanks to a garbage-time ACL tear.

With the Bulls up by 12 points with less than a minute and half left in the game, Rose was still in the thick of the action. Mid-jump cut, he felt a pop, crumpled to the floor, and knew it was over.

If Rose hadn’t been injured throughout the year, maybe this was permissible, given Tom Thibodeau’s habit of leaving starters in until the final horn. Tough-minded business as usual interrupted by a freak accident.

But this was your best player attempting to come back from injury. You have to treat him as a somewhat fragile commodity that needs to be protected.

Yes, he has to be out there on the floor to help the team win the game. Arguably, the Bulls could have gone in with a plan to have Rose play 30 minutes against a team that they’ll in all likelihood still get past post-ACL tear. He played 37.

With six minutes left in the game, Rose drained a three to put the Bulls up 93-73. Some coaches would have sat him right after that. Thibodeau didn’t.

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Metta World Peace Elbows James Harden in the Head (VIDEO)

Very peaceful move, buddy. What a punk.

Twitter: @SlowPitchBlog

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