A Roadmap to Making Pacquiao-Mayweather Happen

By Brian Skaggs
Most sport fans would agree that a Pacquiao-Mayweather Jr. showdown would be the superfight of our generation. Even if the fight itself failed to live up to the hype it would shatter all pay-per-view records and become the highest grossing fight ever.

The lead-up and event alone would be enough to pull a dazed sport off the mat, wipe off its gloves and resume its fight against MMA, which it has been losing in recent rounds.

But Pac-Man and Money May have been circling the ring for the past two years, throwing the occasional jab, testing the distance, but unwilling to make it happen. Maybe it’s time for someone to step in for the greater good of boxing and force the action.  But it’s not like the government can legally do that… can it?

Mayweather was set to begin serving an 87-day jail sentence on January 6th, the result of a plea bargain deal in a domestic assault trial.  However, some clever legal maneuvering on the part of Mayweather’s defense team resulted in delaying his sentence until June 1st.

Apparently Mayweather already had a contractual commitment with the MGM Grand to fight in a May 5th bout, with a still undetermined opponent. The prospect of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, along with the potential for up to $100 million in revenue for the financially struggling City of Las Vegas, was enough to convince the judge that Clark County would be better served by keeping Mayweather out of jail for a few more months.

That proposed fight may never happen, but here’s a plan that would drastically increase the chances:

The judge in Mayweather’s trial should stipulate that the postponement of the sentence is contingent upon Mayweather delivering that $100 million in revenue to Vegas. The only fight that would deliver this type of return would be a fight against Pacquiao.

If Mayweather fails to deliver that fight, his sentence would begin immediately. Additional jail time could be added on top of the 87 days to provide a greater motivation for Mayweather. Furthermore, the judge could stipulate that for each $1 million Mayweather delivers beyond his target, his sentence will be reduced by 10 days.

A highly motivated Mayweather will be willing to concede purse money to Pacquiao to make sure the fight happens, and Pac-Man would have the advantage of negotiating agreeable terms in regard to drug testing leading up to the fight.

Once the bout is set, Mayweather, the constant salesman, will put his hype machine into overdrive in order to blow beyond his revenue target and possibly avoid jail time altogether.  The public exposure and boost to the local economy may even rehabilitate Mayweather’s public image in the process. And assuming he can pull off a victory over the Mexicutioner, he could cement his legacy as the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time.

Too bad it’ll never happen that way.

Mayweather will put on a big show of trying to make the Pacquiao fight happen, but will ultimately take on an outmatched no-name instead. He’ll then serve his 87 days and emerge a free man.

The judge who agreed to the initial delay in hopes of becoming a public hero will walk away with his 30 pieces of silver and the public will be left holding the bag, cheated out of it’s own payday and the match up it had been promised.

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