Fan Reaction to Kyle Williams Death Threats — Wait, Death Threats?!

By Aaron Anderson
Kyle Williams is getting death threats. What is this world coming to? And, moreover, what are 49er “fans” thinking?

People are forgetting just how great a season the team had. As a 49er faithful, I only hope that these threats are coming from “bandwagon fans.” And if so, they need to get off the wagon.

The loss is falling on Kyle Williams because of the two fumbled punt returns, one of which came in overtime, leading to the winning field goal. By no means am I saying that those fumbles were not contributors; they were. But it’s a team loss.

Before I get too heated, let’s take a look at some of the numbers:

  • Kyle Williams returned two of 44 punts in the regular season.
  • Ted Ginn Jr. (the injured player Williams took over punt return duties for) returned 38 of 44 punts in the regular season.
  • Alex Smith had passing numbers resembling those of Tim Tebow at halftime.
  • Frank Gore ran the ball 16 times for 74 yards, an average of 4.6 yards per carry.
  • Kendall Hunter had four carries for 31 yards, an average of 7.7 yards per carry.

With that said: Why didn’t they just feed the ball to Frank Gore??? In rainy whether, teams are supposed to keep the ball on the ground, but oh no… not this one.

And the only reason the game was even close was because of the defense. They played a phenomenal game; one of their best of the season. The offense, however, did not.

And yet Williams receives death threats. After hearing them and reading them on Twitter, he came out and took full blame.

Full blame! That’s a man!

Why is society so hell-bent on finding a scape-goat everytime there’s a situation like this? This guy was trying to make a play so that his team would make it to the Super Bowl! I hope it fuels him to have an incredible offseason and come back next year with something to prove.

Kyle, I’ve got your back! And to you “bandwagon fans,” join another franchise’s wagon. This coach is full of forever faithfuls.

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