Meet My Dad’s Fantasy NASCAR Team

Not only does my dad watch the first 495 miles of a 500 mile NASCAR race; he DVRs it so that he can skip commercials and press pause when he needs to go flip a burger or use the bathroom. He watches ever second, and he DVRs three or four extra hours worth of extra TV after the race just in case it goes long.

I’ve watched him sit through the first 497 miles of a race, only to watch the recording cut off with three laps to go. It’s pretty sad to watch. I’m sure he’s working overtime with the remote this weekend with all of these rain delays in Daytona.

Anyway, he joined his first Fantasy NASCAR team. I helped get him set up online. It should give some extra meaning to those first 497 laps. I’ll also use him as my NASCAR insider on this website. The first photos is my dad (owner/crew chief) and the next three are his team: Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin and Clint Bowyer.

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