Tebow, Sanchez & the New York Jets

Tim Tebow is bound for New York. Here are some opinions worth listening to:


The fact that Tebow won’t be starting somewhere is a bummer for spectators. With Tebow in New York, we’ll have to sit through the east-cost media frenzy without the getting to experience the actual wins and losses. The Tebow story is annoying when it’s about playing time and pressure on the coach. It’s a fun story when it’s about an sub-par, unconventional quarterback who somehow wins, and then fires off shout-outs to God after business is handled. ESPN will be log-jammed with Tebow-Sanchez drama, and I’m not too excited about it. Bottom line: I hope Sanchez plays horrendously from the outset so that we get an immediate shot at Tebow. Regardless of his paltry numbers last year, he deserves that chance to start based on wins alone. Even if he stinks.


Overall Sanchez is a better QB and Tebow is too high-profile/polarizing. He’s also not reliable enough to bring in as a pure second-string QB. So it seems his only reason for being there is to be a Wildcat player. Tony Sporano loves wildcat; he really was the one that popularized it with Miam. Tebow won’t be content in this roll and everyone knows it. He will make some crazy comments about working as hard is he can to blah blah blah…

But from day-one Sanchez was handed the starting roll; maybe this is the Jets way of putting some pressure behind him. It also will be interesting to see how Tebow reacts to Rex Ryan as they seem to be opposite personalities and Ryan likes to use the F word a lot.


It doesn’t completely makes sense… yet. But with Rex Ryan, things don’t always have to make sense in order for something to work. It is intriguing. Mark Sanchez already has tons of pressure on him from the New York media and fans. With Tebow breathing behind his back, it might become overwhelming — and I will gleefully watch each time Sanchez has a breakdown on the field. Tebow’s completion percentage sucks, but Sanchez’s isn’t that much better. Tebow took a sorry team like the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh yeah, Tebow also beat Sanchez last year. He deserves more than being pushed back to a backup role. So yeah, let Tebowmania in New York begin.


The Jacksonville Jaguars lost out on their only shot at relevancy. They needed Tebow much more than the Broncos needed Manning. Imagine a packed Jags stadium with a mix of people that have been following Tebow since his HS days in the Jacksonville area to all the University of Florida faithful who would finally care about an NFL game. Unless the Jags now ante up and make an offer to the Jets, that chance is gone. They may want to start packing for LA.

New York seems like a confusing place for Tim Tebow to be. And not from a football standpoint. I’ve always thought he shouldn’t be a starting QB – even after last year’s performance – but he would be great as a substitute option player. Sanchez is mediocre enough to merit Tebow coming in every so often during a series to run the ball. But from a cultural standpoint? Tebow’s a fish out of water, or rather dumped into the polluted Hudson River. I know Tebow will put a positive face on no matter what the situation, but I see elements of the New York media and fans being very critical of who he is as a person, no matter what he does on the field.

MATTHEW VIEL (via Facebook status updates)

  • From Twitter: jayglazer: Breaking news: Ny Jets have just traded a 4th round pick for Tim Tebow.
  • Trending right now on Twitter: #TimSanity.
  • Best [Facebook post] so far goes to my man Roman: It’s okay, Tebow; Mark will take care of all those girls you’re too pious to bang.
  • Look at it this way Jets fans: You can hope Tebow runs the wildcat against The Bills and Mario Williams runs him over…
  • Look at it this way Jets fans, at least the Jets haven’t signed Rex Grossman… yet.
  • Hopefully Joe Namath doesn’t get drunk and tell Tim Tebow he wants to kiss him, that’s a sin in Timmy’s eyes.
  • I’m convinced the Jets only traded for Tim Tebow in order to read all the great status updates/tweets that have been posted in the last hour or so.
  • They can’t find Biggie & Tupac’s killers, but they arrest OJ the next day. Nicole Simpson can’t rap! I want justice!*

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*I included this one to illustrate the speed of the modern-day news cycle. And because he’s right. 

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