Goodbye Frank McCourt, Hello Magic Johnson

Going from Frank McCourt to Magic Johnson is like going from Bernie Madoff to Bruce Springsteen. From a swindler to a superstar. Honestly, as a Dodger fan, it’s beautiful. And in a city like LA, it’s long overdue. During my prime Dodger-watching lifetime (since the late ’90s), the team has been owned by News Corp. (yep, the Fox News people), and the McCourts (yep, these people).

I don’t even need to read a full news article to get excited about the Magic Johnson news. I already liked Magic, and then I saw The Announcement on ESPN films a few weeks ago, which explored when he revealed to the world that he was HIV-positive. Like I said, I’ll save the details of the deal for later. As a Dodger famn, I’m excited. This is probably a good time to hand the mic over to Matt Kemp:

“My phone started blowing up,” Matt Kemp said on ESPN. “I started looking at the texts, and everyone was saying Magic was our owner. I thought people were just messing with me. I didn’t know it was real until I started getting text messages from some important people.”

Whether this works out or not, at least we know Magic Johnson is a solid guy. And a good guy. With baseball only a week away, this is quality news.

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