My Fantasy Baseball Team: Solitario George

I play in a 14-team mixed league called The Cody Dean Experience, in which every team has 10 keepers from the previous season. Among my keepers this year was Johan Santana, which should give you a feel for my Fantasy approach. Not only did i never drop him last year, but I forgot to unkeep him before this year’s draft deadline. But here’s the beauty of my fast-and-loose approach: I’m the current champion, so I’ll stick with my game plan.

I also refuse to draft any players from the NL west unless they play for the Dodgers, so as to avoid real-world conflict of interest. Here’s my team, Solitario Goerge, named after a huge turtle in the Galapagos Islands who is the last of his species. Galapagos turtles live more than a hundred years, so scientists are continuing to look for a mate, but chances are grim. Anyway, here’ my team:

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