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Into the Desert…

This map will be our guide next weekend. If I never post on this blog again, it’s because I didn’t make it out of the Tehachapi hinterlands… Advertisements

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VIDEO: CBS Confuses LA Kings Mascot with Sac Kings Mascot — Both of Which are Lions

As an L.A. Kings fan who lives on the outskirts of Sacramento, this story amuses me. As you can see in the video, CBS Los Angeles is doing segment about the hockey team, but they show a clip of the … Continue reading

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I’m too Busy to Blog, but Here’s Metta World Peace Talking Jibberish

“I didn’t realize Oklahoma had so many, like, fine women … I felt really comfortable. I hit my first two shots, it was mainly because of how beautiful the women were.” — Metta World Peace. He also takes a couple … Continue reading

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Sarah Phillips: ESPN Columnist / Online Scammer

Read this Deadspin article about the girl below, Sarah Phillips, who was a rising columnist at ESPN. It’s so compelling and trippy: Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People on the Internet?

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