VIDEO: CBS Confuses LA Kings Mascot with Sac Kings Mascot — Both of Which are Lions

As an L.A. Kings fan who lives on the outskirts of Sacramento, this story amuses me. As you can see in the video, CBS Los Angeles is doing segment about the hockey team, but they show a clip of the Sacramento Kings basketball mascot, Slamson. Below the video is an infographic the L.A. Kings created to clear up the confusion.

The hockey team released this graphic in hopes if differentiating them from the basketball team (which stinks, and could end up playing an hour south of Staples Center in the near future, if the Maloofs have their way). Note: I was a Sacramento Kings fan until I officially disowned the team last week while sipping a Guinness and watching an unmemorable playoff game. I have no desire to root for those owners, even if they stick around. Time to seek out a new team. 

Anyway, the tone of the infographic is borderline insulting, which is surely a direct product of the attention paid to the L.A. Kings Twitter handle ever since they dissed the Canucks after the first game of the playoffs. Here it is.

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