This blog is about sports, but it’ll veer off in other directions as often as we feel makes sense. The editor of this blog had a couple of babies and cannot be counted on to update this space. Thanks!


2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Awesome blog, and totally readable for someone who has little interest in sports. Mark told me about the spirit animal idea and I died laughing. I love the picture too!

  2. justincox22 says:

    Yeah, Mark and I had that spirit animal conversation in the Purple Place during out hour-long wait last time. I love it. And as for having “little interest in sports,” the same can be said for my wife, and some of my best friends. I myself have little patience for deep, deep stat analysis and post-game critiques. It’ll be fun to try and connect sports to the common person. Regardless of what this blog becomes, I think it’ll have a bit of that feel no matter what. The picture was all Carbahal. He improvised the curly cues, and I’m glad he did.

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