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  • HuffPost Sports – I blog for this site. Simple roundup of news and opinion.
  • Grantland – Honestly, it’s a great site. Occasionally overdone and boring, though.
  • Deadspin – Entertaining and clever, but it’s basically Gawker. Annoying, but hard to stop reading.
  • Michael Wilbon – Beautiful writer. Direct, insightful, funny.
  • Lester Muson – He was my professor at Northwestern. Boils down the heaviest of legal jargon and allows it to be a story about cheating, or gambling, or finance or even rape.
  • Rick Reilly – Beautiful storyteller. Read Rick Reilly.
  • John Bacon – Michigan-based journalist, blogger and professor. He taught me sportswriting using something called the Evil Knievel method, and I use it everyday.


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2 Responses to BLOGS & SITES

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